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Reverence for the Eternal is the first lesson of wisdom, and humility always precedes honor. Proverbs… http://t.co/eCyBmWq1Wz
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Oct 23
Beautiful verses! RT @Lioness_of_God: My current favorite: https://t.co/JTs81QhF6r @TheVoiceBible
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Oct 21
RT @JeniferJernigan: I am here to bring light in this world, freeing everyone who believe in Me from the darkness Jn12:46 @TheVoiceBible ht…
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Oct 21
Come close to the one true God, and He will draw close to you... #thevoicebible http://t.co/Otu1klIlRN
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Oct 18

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3 John 1:4

The greatest joy in my life is hearing how my children are walking in the truth.

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