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What Others Are Saying

Hundreds of Bible readers and pastors have read and reviewed The Voice and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, about two-thirds of the people who have seen it liked The Voice better than their current Bible. Why? They loved that it's a fresh way to experience Scripture. They found it easy to understand, and they especially liked the layout.

The Voice helps people feel they more fully understand the story of Christ, and the combination of the modern language and the layout makes it easy to read.

The Voice has illuminated Scripture in such a new and fresh way that I can't wait to open it every morning! I love the way it translates LORD as The Eternal. Familiar passages are suddenly much more clear and vivid. I love this Bible!

Colleen Coble, author of the Hope Beach series
There is nothing more powerful than a story and no story more powerful than God’s.  The Bible gives us guidance, answers, and hope while sharing a narrative that transcends time, and no Bible translation captures the wholeness of God’s story like The Voice. It is the only translation that reads like a good book, letting readers truly step into the story of Scripture and experience all the beauty, grit, and humor that exists throughout the Bible.
Karen Kingsbury
Bestselling Author 
The Voice is my devotional Bible of choice.  I love the format, the explanatory paragraphs, and the fact that the text celebrates the unique literary perspective of the human writers without attempting to even out the prose as some translations do.  I am captivated by the phrase, "The Liberating King," which is most helpful to me in my daily faith journey.  As a musician, the translation, for me, literally sings the Gospel.  
Dr. John Yarrington
Director, School of Music
Houston Baptist University
God321.net and radio show has received hundreds of requests to recommend (as gifts and donations) to it's visitors and listeners a bible that is easy to read, faithful to the original text and hard to put down. The Voice is my choice and the bible I recommend on God321.
Danny Hutchins, Sr.
Host of God321
WLQV FaithTalk 1500AM Detroit

The "Hear the Voice"event on our campus was an unexpected delight for our students. The evening presentation, videos, interactive readings, and even the T-shirts helped to pop the translation onto my students' radar screens. "Vibrant," "alive," "refreshing," and "engaging" are adjectives that I heard repeatedly from my students after reading the Voice. Hearing the Philippian hymn read was a stirring experience.
Dr. E. R. (Randy) Richards
Dean, School of Christian Studies
Palm Beach Atlantic University
I just gave a copy of this to a friend.  The Voice kicks the doors wide open to hear the words of God that speak to this moment in history.  In every circumstance of our lives, and in every story that we find ourselves in the middle of, his Voice is still speaking.  This Bible is a perfect introduction for someone who wants to meet Jesus for the first time, and it is a fresh re-telling for those who have heard the Story a thousand times before.
Sandra McCracken
The Voice surprised me, caught me off guard. I was expecting just another translation; but found a narrative approach that is fresh and compelling and contemporary and pulled me in like a tractor beam.
Mark Oestreicher
Partner, The Youth Cartel
The Voice has done something remarkable.  In uniting poets, theologians, pastors, and musicians, it captures the vitality and complexity, the diversity and creativity of God's timeless Word.  This book is life-giving for the new-comer and challenging for the serious student.  It's more than a translation; it's a fresh and timely voice that needs to be heard.
Rev. Justin Hyde
Redeemer Church Brenham 

The idea for this project came about while I was serving on staff at Ecclesia church in Houston. From start to finish, it has always been a project that involved people with a deep affection for Scripture and a sturdy belief in Scripture's essential place in the church. Those beliefs and affections along with a team of scholars, pastors, and artists have yielded a very helpful translation in The Voice.

Chad Karger
Lead Pastor, CyFair Christian Church, Houston, Texas 

Within the cross-currents of western culture, the Bible is becoming a nostalgic artifact like great-grandpa's pocket watch:  interesting to have around but of no real use.  The Bible, however, is not a sentimental shelf-piece for Christians.  It is God's living, dynamic voice.  My hope for The Voice is that many people who have never found an entry point into the Bible but are intelligent and thoughtful readers will find such in this translation.  If folks who never read the Bible begin to do so, who knows what might happen?
Mark Gignilliat
Associate Professor of Divinity
Beeson Divinity School
Samford University
The Voice's poetic and narrative rendering and screenplay format opens up new visions of Scripture for me; I find myself immersed in The Story in ways that stir my imagination (something I appreciate as a visual artist) that other translations have not.
Travis Reed
Founder/Filmmaker, The Work Of The People
The Voice is so much more than just another new translation of Scripture. While faithful to the original texts, it captures the narrative beauty of Scripture in a way that speaks to a new generation of Christ-followers in a way that no other translation does.  The wondrous story of God's redemptive love will come alive to readers of any generation who read and study The Voice.
Dr. Ed Seay
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Magnolia, TX
I loved how personal and intimate The Voice made the Bible. Stories I'd read a hundred times jumped off the page!
Jon Acuff
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like
There is no book like the Bible and there is no translation like The Voice. If you want to walk in the beauty and majesty of Scripture, start here! No other work has been produced by such a unique group of scholars, poets, and musicians. Their work is solid in its scholarship, beautiful in its presentation, and it will stir your heart. An amazing journey awaits. It begins with The Voice!

Mark Denison, D. Min.
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Conroe, Texas

The Voice has helped me fall more in love with the Scriptures. There is so much poetry and subtlety in the text that can be lost when you translate it out of its original languages, but the writers of The
Voice find creative and beautiful ways of keeping the poetry alive.

Michael Gungor
God speaks to us through the Bible in a multiplicity of authors, styles and genres. No single English version can capture all of its power and beauty. The Voice, with its translation team of scholars, poets, musicians and storytellers, captures the rhythm and beauty of Scripture in a unique and creative way. It  will  greatly enrich your engagement with the Word of God. Highly recommended!
Dr. Mark Strauss
Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary, San Diego
Like most people, I'm sure I have a collection of Bibles that I read from, but The Voice Bible has become my new favorite.  It is an easy read, and it brings to life through analogies the Word of God.I would have to say my favorite part is handing it off to a fan at a Newsboys concert right after I share a verse from it....The Perfect Gift!
Michael Tait
The fluid, relevant format of The Voice is a great reminder that the Bible isn't a text book or a rule book but a divine love story. As a Bible teacher, I also appreciate the fact this is a translation instead of a paraphrase, which means it's both readable AND theologically reliable. The bottom line is, I think The Voice is the bomb!
Lisa Harper
Women of Faith speaker and Bible Teacher

As a regular reader and proclaimer of scripture, I am grateful for The Voice for so many reasons.  First, the translators have worked hard to convey the original intent of the writers.  Sometimes we read words for so many years that we lose the sense of their original significance.  The writers have done a masterful job of helping us capture the original significance of the names of God and the titles of Christ.  I also appreciate the way The Voice recaptures the conversations in the narrative.  Real people had real dialogues.  I commend this new translation as a Voice which needs to be heard, because in this translation, if we listen carefully,  we hear the voice of our God speaking to his people today.

Dr. Duane Brooks
Pastor, Tallowood Baptist Church 
The Voice Bible is a choral masterpiece. Finally a choir of original voices contribute to a translation designed to meet the most exacting scholarly standards while resonating with as wide a readership as possible.
Leonard Sweet
Drew University, George Fox University, chief contributor to sermons.com
Anticipation is what I feel each morning as I come to The Voice for my personal devotional time. It engages my imagination. It is academically respectable without the boredom factor.

Rev. Dr. Dave McKechnie
President, Texas Theological Foundation

I LOVE it!!!!!! I've always been pretty traditional when it comes to my Bible translations. I've basically read the same translation for the past 36 years of my life. The Voice is the first translation that has made me audibly say ‘Wow.’ It’s fresh, enlightening and extremely accurate.
Pete Wilson
Author and Pastor at Crosspoint Church, Nashville, Tennessee

It is truly a one-of-a-kind reading experience for it presents the Bible to the reader in a form that we are all familiar with. We all watch movies, shows, and some perhaps read plays; well reading this translation creates a similar experience. But it is the actual writing itself that is so beautifully well written in my opinion. It is simple to read but never losses the initial intent of what is being said.

In my opinion I believe EVERYONE should own and read a copy of this translation. It has improved my understanding and has given me a new way of thinking but some subjects. I highly recommend it.

The Voice
is written as a narrative; it provides background information and fills the readers in on the gaps (some contextual, some from Old Testament, etc.) so the reader is never lost.

In the beginning the authors point out the reasons for writing The Voice and how exactly it was created. They do a beautiful job putting all the pieces together to actually give the reader a FRESH experience, to read the Bible in a way like never before. As the authors point out this is both a word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation of the Bible. It never twists or manipulates the words and is ultimately an exciting, simple, pleasant and informative way of reading the Bible.

Sviatoslav Bouz, San Bernadino, Calif.
Sviatoslav is a 23-year-old anatomy/clinical ministry graduate school student at Loma Linda University in California. Born in Belarus (former Soviet Union) to a pastor has truly taught him to appreciate religious freedom and inspired him to study theology and philosophy as minors in undergrad. He shares a passion for medicine and is currently pursuing to become a doctor. Most of all he wants to want to spread the gospel, and do God’s will throughout the world.

I really love The Voice. I can hardly put it down! I've read over 25 translations of the New Testament (incuding KJ, NKJ, AMP, RSV, NIV,ASV, Living Bible, Aramaic, Koine Greek, Kenneth Wuest and more). I can't wait to finish this new version (I am now in Acts) so I can do a full review. I have always been a fan of the King James Verson, but I believe this REVOLUTIONARY Bible is for today. I can certainly tell that much prayer and dedication was made to make this precious Word alive for this generation. There is equanimity on every page. The narrative is great in the gospels. The italics are very cleverly inserted and is more convienent than having a bulky (sometimes Calvinist-influenced) commentary. When I read John 1:1 (and the prelude)I found out the reason for the title and I was blown away! I like many bibles for study, but if I only had one, this would be it! Thank God for your team, I have been waiting for a Bible like this for a long time! I am now using The Voice for my ministry websites 'weekly verse.'

Rev. Jeff Lowe
Cottonwood Church, Cypress, Caifornia
Translating for The Voice put me in touch with the Bible in new ways, both intimate and playful. Working so closely with the Hebrew texts reminded me again of their multivalency and the importance of a project like this. It gives readers a first-hand sense of the many voices that populate God's Word, and it allows possibilities for conveying meaning not bound by one-to-one translation. Given room by VOICE editors to reach within our own language, I could strive for a living text -- evocative, poignant, inspirational, disturbing, and comforting -- some of the many ways that the biblical texts mean most powerfully.
Kristin M. Swenson, PhD
Research Professor in Religious Studies
University of Virginia
The Voice has the best of both worlds in that it is both a lively contemporary dynamic translation by people who have a sense of contemporary idiom and the product of careful, thoughtful review by biblical scholars with respect to its accuracy in conveying the original languages. This is combined with a clear and attractive layout and some explanations of cultural and theological terms, and one has a biblical translation that people can understand without needing a pastor or commentator – it is the Bible for those who are turned off by or simply do not understand “religious” language. It has been a delight to work on this translation and to realize how clearly it will communicate to this or that person whom I know. It is also a translation that I enjoy reading myself, when I do not want to read the text in Greek and Hebrew.
Peter H. Davids, PhD
Visiting Professor in Christianity
Houston Baptist University
The screenplay format of The Voice offers churches a key resource for today.  It will help congregations rediscover the extraordinary power of Scripture when publicly read in a dramatised way.  And Christians who may be struggling in their personal Scripture engagement will find the stimulating background details contained in outlined boxes and the overall reader-friendly layout to be really helpful in rediscovering the compelling story of the Bible.
Rev. Dr. Fergus MacDonald
Director, Center for Scripture Engagement
Taylor University
I have shared The Voice with my family and ministry partners. Without exception, those people—parents in their 70s, ministry partners who are long-time ministers, and teenagers—have found The Voice to be a refreshing, readable, and enlightening presentation of the biblical text. I have received positive feedback using The Voice for individual devotional reading, small group study, and public worship service readings.
Chuck Pitts, PhD
Professor of Old Testament
Houston Graduate School of Theology
The commitment to Biblical accuracy on this project is astounding.  As one of the Biblical Scholars involved in the early reviewing process, my editorial suggestions are only one stage in a long, detailed progression from the initial rendering of the text to its final republication.  The publishers of THE VOICE are serious in their dedication to conveying the meaning of the Biblical text in a fresh manner while staying as close to the original texts as possible.
Brett W. Dutton, PhD
Senior Pastor
Magnolia Creek Baptist Church
If it is true that the Word of God is alive and active, and if it is also true that many people have not experienced the Bible as a life-giving text, then The Voice can help bridge that gap. Contemporary language, format, and insight make The Voice a wonderful place to hear the old, old story in fresh ways—and in that story to encounter the living God.
Michael J. Gorman, PhD
The Ecumenical Institute of Theology
St. Mary’s Seminary & University
I appreciate very much the fresh and timely translation of The Voice.  It provides current English-speaking cultures with a textual bridge that brings them to an ancient and inspiring voice.
J. Andrew Dearman, PhD
Professor of Old Testament
Associate Dean and Director of Fuller Seminary Texas
Since my work happened near the end of the process, I had the pleasure of seeing and experiencing the fruit of the effort that others had already put into the project.  As I read through the New Testament, I was struck by several things.  Even though my day-to-day job is to study and teach the New Testament, reading through The Voice helped bring to life the message of encouragement that pervades these writings.  Through them we don’t just hear random voices of the various human authors.  Rather, God's voice speaks through them, and it was His voice that I heard afresh when reading through these texts.  In particular, it was God's message to the different Christian communities to remain faithful no matter how hard things get that I heard.

With the waning cultural dominance of the church, the need for a contemporary expression of the church's faith as revealed in the Bible is becoming urgent.  The early church struggled to follow God in their pluralistic world, where their claims to truth were not well received.  As a result while reading through The Voice, the idea of faithfulness in the face of suffering was more pervasive than I had previously realized.  The church today is and will be increasingly facing similar issues and needs a fresh encouragement to remain faithful in the midst of social pressure.  Part of that faithfulness is the responsibility to continue to witness to the truth of the Anointed One.  As we bring the message of the good news revealed in the Bible and communicated through The Voice, the culture may reject it because of its truth claims, but at least they won’t reject it because it is communicated with archaic or merely ecclesiastical terminology.
Ben Blackwell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Christianity
Houston Baptist University
Rather than imposing a flat, artificial style on the entire Bible, The Voice allows the unique personalities of the biblical writers to shine through their texts.   Various features are included to help us "feel" as well as hear scriptural speech and dialogue.  Readers experience the Bible as the living word.
Kenneth L. Waters, Sr., PhD
Associate Dean of the Division of Religion and Philosophy and Professor of New Testament
Azusa Pacific University
The Bible informs the intellect about God, the world, and ourselves, but it is more than an information book. God is interested in us as whole people, so his Word also stimulates our imagination, arouses our emotions, and appeals to our will. The Voice combines the skills of biblical scholars with the sensitivities of musicians, novelists, and poets and the result is an accurate and stimulating English translation that readers will find hard to put down. Long time as well as new readers will benefit greatly from their experience of The Voice.
Tremper Longman, PhD
Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies
Westmont College
As one who worked on the The Voice---and did so entering in with some skepticism--I can say that much care was given to be accurate as pastors and scholars were teamed up to produce the text. That care is still being shown. As an explanatory paraphrase, a genre with a rich history in biblical translation, The Voice can open up the point of the text in effective ways. This also means it is being checked and reevaluated to make it even better in bringing out the force of the text. With such a commitment to reflecting the text, this translation can serve the church well and help people appreciate the richness of the message of Scripture.
Darrell Bock, PhD
Research Professor of New Testament Studies
Dallas Theological Seminary
It has been a joy for me to work on The Voice translation and other projects.  Those who led the projects were not just professional, they were also personable and, while they demanded excellence, they treated every contributor with utmost respect.  Readers have often said that they find VOICE’s retelling of the good news of the kingdom of God very refreshing.  This was one of the goals the projects had aimed at achieving, without sacrificing the truth in the original text.  I found it challenging and liberating at the same time to work on being creative without forgetting the need to maintain the authentic, soul-penetrating message of the text.
Felisi Sorgwe, PhD
Assistant Professor of Christianity, Houston Baptist University
Pastor, Maranatha International Church
How something is said can be as important as what is said. All translation is interpretation; but a mechanical meaning offers a text with little texture. The Voice Bible version distinguishes itself and uniquely lives up to its name by making the English text more engaging and enjoyable to read by giving more attention to the mood and mentality of the speakers, which adds muscle to their message.
W. Creighton Marlowe, PhD
Associate Professor of Old Testament
Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Belgium
I have been involved in The Voice project for over five years.  Many might well ask, "Why do we need yet another Bible translation?"  Why? The Bible is an amazingly transparent and yet amazingly puzzling document.  Theologians have been translating and interpreting it for millennia, and I daresay they will continue to do so for millennia to come.  The Voice represents a new "voice" in the translation and interpretation undertaking, one that genuinely attempts to make the text accessible to the reader of the twenty-first century.  Read it for yourself; better, engage it for yourself.  Let it draw you in; let it speak to you. And discover in its words "the voice" of the biblical text.
Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford, PhD
Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages
McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University
What I appreciate most about THE VOICE is the emphasis on the story of the Bible.  It is this story of God's redemptive plan that THE VOICE presents in such an engaging and powerful way.  Whether in the classroom or at Church, it is this story that draws us, speaks to us, and transforms us.
Frank Patrick, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Samford University