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Crazy Week

David Capes
By David Capes
April 21, 2012

This last week was a crazy week but also a good week for THE VOICE. 

Sunday April 15, 2012 Bob Smietana published an important article about The Voice in The Tennessean, Nashville’s hometown paper.  Here is a link to Bob's original article: "Bible Gets New Voice."

The same day a shorter version of Bob’s article was picked up on USA Today Online.  On Monday it appeared on page 3 of the print edition.

Well, the producers at CNN saw the article and were interested in doing a segment on it. They contacted me—because I was mentioned in Bob’s article—Monday afternoon and asked if I would be interested in being interviewed by Carol Costello on CNN.  I agreed and was at a local CNN studio in north Houston by 7.30 am.  

After the interview with her, things got crazy.  I had several other interviews on radio and for print media.  Frank Couch, the executive editor of the project, did some radio interviews as well.  Also Bob’s article showed up in its abbreviated form in about 40 media outlets.  It is amazing how the news spread. Take a stroll through the blogosphere and you see what a headline like that can do. 

A number of scholars chimed in as well.

Larry Hurtado, retired Professor of New Testament from the University of Edinburgh, did a post on his blog entitled, "On Translation and Hysteria." Larry is a seasoned scholar, sound in judgment, and a warm Christian. I'll have more to say about Larry in an upcoming post because I spent several months on sabbatical in Edinburgh in 2009 working on various OT books like Proverbs, Psalms and Jeremiah. If you are looking for a great place to study, you need to see UEdinburgh.

Darrell Bock, one of the scholars who helped us with Luke-Acts, contributed to an article in the Christian Post online: "Theologians OK with Bible Translation Replacing `Jesus Christ,` 'Angel'."  Take a few minutes to see what Darrell and others, who didn't work on the project, have to say.

Daniel Kirk, a friend and professor at Fuller, hosts one of the blogs I like to follow.  It is called "Storied Theology."  He is a bright, articulate young scholar.  Here is a link to his response: "`Link Bait` and the Voice." Daniel blogs daily so you may have to scroll down to find the post.  I had heard the term "link bait" before, but had never seen such a graphic display of it.  Daniel's post has a link to an abbreviated form of the CNN interview. 

Blake Aldridge, a friend and compatriot in this project, sent me a list of all the “impressions” made last week about THE VOICE. The list went on and on. I got tired just reading it.

The icing on the cake for me personally was all the emails I received from friends.  Lynn Cohick, a professor at Wheaton, was working out when she saw the CNN interview.  My former professor, Dr. Duane Davis, saw it and emailed. I haven’t talked to him in 25+ years.  A Presbyterian pastor from Kansas whom I had not seen in some time got in touch.  And a friend from seminary, Col. LaMar Griffin, chief of staff of Army chaplains, was at his office in the Pentagon when he saw the interview. He sent me a photo of him and his wife Dixie and all their kids and grandkids.

The Voice project has helped me make some new friends.  Now It’s helped me reconnect with old friends.

 I wonder what next week will bring?!!?

David Capes lives in Texas and is the Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament at Houston Graduate School of Theology. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Religion at Mercer University in Atlanta, his Master's in Divinity and his doctorate in New Testament at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas. He is the author of numerous publications and is one of the top scholars and writers for The Voice.

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