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Have faith in Him in all circumstances, dear people... #thevoicebible #psalms http://t.co/CmCs85luW0
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Jan 25
Check out @DavidBCapes new blog post, The Church Year (#2) http://t.co/f9SHM37sMZ
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Jan 22
When your soul is famished...He makes you strong like an eagle, restoring your youth. #psalms #thevoicebible http://t.co/GnToexsAWU
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Jan 22
RT @FFsanchez77: @TheVoiceBible daily verse: Since He has also been tested by suffering, He can help us when we... http://t.co/f4pQPMKgh2
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Jan 21
The Voice

The Bible is alive like no other book, and The Voice draws you in like no other Bible.

Scholars, poets, musicians, and story tellers have come together to create this singularly unique translation that transports you into the Bible's narrative. Don't just read the Word, step into the story.

The Church Year (#2)

January 21, 2015
The church year represents the annual order and rhythm to life.  In the west, we have a secular new year, government holidays, fiscal years, school years.  They impart a certain rhythm to life; but that rhythm carries no meaning beyond itself.  Therefore, the church agrees to function within that secular world finding rhythm in an alternative reality.  Now to be fair, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Churches observe different versions of the same calendar.  READ MORE >

What others are saying

The Bible informs the intellect about God, the world, and ourselves, but it is more than an information book. God is interested in us as whole people, so his Word also stimulates our imagination, arouses our emotions, and appeals to our will. The Voice combines the skills of biblical scholars with the sensitivities of musicians, novelists, and poets and the result is an accurate and stimulating English translation that readers will find hard to put down. Long time as well as new readers will benefit greatly from their experience of The Voice.
Tremper Longman, PhD
Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies
Westmont College

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Today's verse is from Proverbs 16:7
When people make good choices, He is pleased; He even causes their enemies to live peacefully near them.

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