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The Voice

The Bible is alive like no other book, and The Voice draws you in like no other Bible.

Scholars, poets, musicians, and story tellers have come together to create this singularly unique translation that transports you into the Bible's narrative. Don't just read the Word, step into the story.

They Come in Pairs (no, it's not about Noah's ark)

July 21, 2014

I've been inspired recently by posts from Dr. Creig Marlowe and some comments I heard recently by N. T. Wright.  There is some new thinking here for me, but as Ecclesiastes reminds us: "there is nothing new under the sun." 


What others are saying

Like most people, I'm sure I have a collection of Bibles that I read from, but The Voice Bible has become my new favorite.  It is an easy read, and it brings to life through analogies the Word of God.I would have to say my favorite part is handing it off to a fan at a Newsboys concert right after I share a verse from it....The Perfect Gift!
Michael Tait

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