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Don’t run from tests and hardships, brothers and sisters. As difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy... https://t.co/gJKcWzLN3j
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Sep 30
Society says, "look out for yourself," but God says, "Look out for others and I will look out for you." https://t.co/Pv0XKXUJDq
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Sep 28
If you give your life to the One who made it, you'll finally find it. https://t.co/0VB44cvoxT
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Sep 28
Your miracle may be taking a long time, but God didn't bring you this far to leave you! https://t.co/HJAfk5vi52
Posted by TheVoiceBible on Sep 26
The Voice

The Bible is alive like no other book, and The Voice draws you in like no other Bible.

Scholars, poets, musicians, and story tellers have come together to create this singularly unique translation that transports you into the Bible's narrative. Don't just read the Word, step into the story.

Go Outside

June 10, 2016
When was the last time you stood before God or his creation and expressed praise and thanksgiving.  I'm not talking a mild-manner "thanksgiving," but a full-throated, full-bodied, from the sole of your foot to the top of your head praise for the beauty and goodness of God's creation. These may not be everyday moments, but they can be regular moments if we will do what the author of Psalm 8 suggests. READ MORE >

What others are saying

The Voice Bible is a choral masterpiece. Finally a choir of original voices contribute to a translation designed to meet the most exacting scholarly standards while resonating with as wide a readership as possible.
Leonard Sweet
Drew University, George Fox University, chief contributor to sermons.com

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